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Manufacturers, why transition from TRNG to QRNG?

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Transitioning from a traditional True Random Number Generator (TRNG) to a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) in manufacturing products can offer several compelling advantages:

Competitive advantage: Adopting cutting-edge technology such as QRNGs can differentiate a manufacturer’s products in the market, attracting security-conscious customers who prioritise robust randomness and data protection.

Future algorithms: Post quantum (PQ) algorithms still require entropy to work. PQ + QRNG provides the best hardened solution today. By installing QRNG at the hardware level, PQ algorithms can be seeded with the most assured entropy possible today.

Compliance and regulation: QRNGs can help products and systems meet stringent security and regulatory standards, such as those required in the financial, healthcare, and defence sectors, ensuring that the products remain legally compliant.

Reduced attack surface: By using QRNGs, manufacturers can reduce the potential attack surface of their products, lowering the risk of security breaches and vulnerabilities that can arise from biased or inadequate random numbers. (PKCS-11 can be implemented to diminish potential side channel attacks)

Long-term reliability: Quantum phenomena, like the decay of excited atoms or photon polarisation, provide a stable source of entropy that can produce random numbers over a long period, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the product.

Unpredictable randomness: QRNGs are based on the inherent unpredictability of quantum phenomena, making them theoretically more secure than TRNGs, which may be vulnerable to bias or manipulation. QRNG’s that follow NIST 800-90B guidance also do real-time heath checks to ensure “random proofs”.

Enhanced security: QRNGs can improve the security of products and systems, particularly in applications like cryptography, secure communications, and data encryption, where the quality of random numbers is paramount.

Quantum technology is still evolving, and as it matures, QRNGs are likely to become more practical, affordable, and integrated into various products and systems. Embracing QRNG technology early positions manufacturers as innovators and prepares them for future advancements.

While there are clear advantages to using QRNGs, it’s essential to consider the associated costs, power consumption, and the availability of QRNG technology when deciding to make the transition. Talk to us at Crypta Labs, we have low cost, low power and low heat configurable solutions to enhance your security products. We adhere to NIST protocols and support PCKS-11 to ensure secure channel connection between the operating systems and the device.