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Take the first significant step towards quantum resilience.

Use our expertise and tested designs to accelerate your QRNG journey

Seize first-mover market advantage!

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Contact us now and will explain how our QRNG OEM design service will work for you.

Reliable entropy is essential for post quantum. We can make your hardware quantum resilient quickly at a lower BOM than you might think.

We offer QRNG OEM Design services to makers of any kind of hardware that does encryption. Any encryption requires a strong seed. Not only are our random numbers vetted for randomness using NIST tests, all our entry is generated using quantum phenomena.  We have spent 8 years perfecting our QRNG design and now we want to work with you to make your hardware more secure for your customers. Don’t believe software solutions will generate the same level of entropy. We check every single random number we generate using the NIST 800-90B test suite, to check for predictability. Read more here.

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