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Are you sure every system generated random number is truly random?

We solved this entropy problem by designing a non-blocking architecture and validating every single random number with NIST checks

Even post quantum algorithms need quality random numbers. Generate secure random numbers at the hardware level

We are here to help you make your designs quantum resilient. Take your product to the next level with a QRNG.

Small form internal QRNG Designs

Crypta Labs QRNG/QHSM

Our quantum random number generator (QRNG) designs have sufficiently high through and low power draw which makes them perfect for system integration.  Combining NIST compliant algorithms with an elliptic curve crypto accelerator, this small device is all you need. Forget about side channel attacks with our PKCS 11  API implementation. Capable of around generating 1950 post processed random numbers per second, this small device will supply enough entropy for most applications. Perfect for deployment in space where power draw is a big issue. 

For manufacturers wanting to implement this tech directly we offer a licensing agreement that allows you to utilise our design and make the device yourself using your own supply chain. The embedded code will be opened for review. This way ensuring complete security and eliminating any concerns about buying pre-manufactured closed silicon.

We also offer design services where we can either modify our design for a specific bus, or integrate our tech directly into your circulty.

Data Center QRNG Appliance

Crypta Labs 1U rack mount hardware QRNG quantum random number QRNG generator appliance

Do you want to supply high speed QRNG entropy over ethernet in a data centre?

Our flagship QRNG product is a 1U rack mountable, data centre specific, dual quantum random number generator appliance.

This device is capable of delivering around 4000 quantum random numbers per second over ethernet. This product is suited to those requiring agnostic quantum seeded random number for security applications.

At our heart we are a technology lab, inventing, proving and building reliable quantum enhanced tech products. We like to work with technology partners to license our engineering and help them incorporate our designs into their products. We understand the need for security and product differentiation. We offer companies the opportunity to utilise our QRNG tech to help differentiate their products from their competitors.

If it’s wanting to incorporate our QOM or if you are looking for a complete QRNG/QHSM solution please contact us so we can explore the options together.

We are a UK registered and owned company.