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Quantum random number generator


Crypta labs 1U rack mount quantum random number qrng generator appliance

Our flagship QRNG product is a 1U rack mountable, data centre specific, dual quantum random number generator appliance.

This device is capable of delivering around 4000 quantum random numbers per second over ethernet. This product is suited to those requiring agnostic quantum seeded random number for security applications and high performance computing algorithms such as Monte Carlo.

At our heart we are a technology lab, inventing, proving and building reliable quantum enhanced tech products. We like to work with technology partners to license our engineering and help them incorporate our designs into their products. We understand the need for security and product differentiation. We offer companies the opportunity to utilise our QRNG tech to help differentiate their products from their competitors.

If it’s wanting to incorporate our QOM or if you are looking for a complete QRNG/QHSM solution please contact us so we can explore the options together.

We are a UK registered and owned company.