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The Team Behind the Scenes

Jon Maliepaard

Jon Maliepaard

Jon is a tech entrepreneur at heart. Having successfully bootstrapped, scaled and sold an ISP. His focus has moved from network engineering to scaling and growing tech companies. Having worked at a number of early stage tech startups, he has found a real passion around taking ideas to market. Jon is a significant early stage investor in the company and is using his skills to take the quantum technology that Crypta Labs has developed out into the world. He performs the role of overall company management, sales and investor relations.

Jose Coello

Dr Jose Garcia Coello

Jose is responsible for developing our quantum technology. He holds a PhD in quantum physics from University College London. His areas of research include the field of Quantum Information based on mesoscopic systems such as N@C60 Carbon NanoWires or Self-assembled quantum dots. This research was developed in conjunction with Oxford University, QinetiQ and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Jose’s expertise allows Crypta Labs to implement the cutting edge of quantum research into their technology development. Jose has filed several patents with Crypta Labs for his work on our QRNG.

Oliver Maynard

Oliver leads the technical development of our products. Oliver has worked in the IT sector since 1996, initially focusing on the education and financial services sectors. In 2007 he helped to develop and run a technology driven, nationwide financial services business which was powered by a software platform he designed and wrote. In 2016 he sold a company he founded and joined Crypta Labs as CTO, with his first responsibility being the completion of the Ministry of Defence funded QRNG prototype. Since then, Oliver has been essential in managing the team.

Davide Fogliano
Embedded Software Developer

Davide is a passionate software engineer with more than 12 years of experience. His main focus is on embedded and low-level programming and he has worked in several sectors such as automotive, energy, home appliances, and IoT. He designs and builds software that has been reliably running in the wild for many years. In Cryptalabs he is responsible for the development of the QRNG firmware and the design of the QRNG interface protocol, and also helps the team to overcome software challenges in every business area. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and a technical qualification in Computer Science.

Kasia kowalska

Katarzyna is a mathematician with industry and research experience. Prior to joining Crypta Labs she held a position of Data Analyst and AI specialist of one of the leaders in automation worldwide. She obtained her Masters of Mathematics degree from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. In her thesis she carried out a theoretical research in the field of Quantum Computing (as a visitor in the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre). Katarzyna is working on the algorithms and analysis of data in the context of randomness.