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Having doubts that your hardware is seeding everything you encrypt with a truly random number?

We offer design services, pre-made hardware and Quantum as a service​

Ensure that your product's encryption is always seeded with a verified random number

Our fast and compact QRNG technology can generate millions of verified random numbers per second.

Struggling with how to get more quantum resilient?

Let us help you protect your customer's data by seeding your encryption as securely as possible.

Enhance your hardware products to create quantum-seeded NIST compliant random numbers at a price that makes sense.


The team at Crypta Labs have made validated and thoroughly tested designs that will assist an OEM to integrate our QRNG tech very quickly. We deeply understand the challenges any hardware manufacturer has and will help to figure out exactly how to help them best use our inventions. We have a number of bus options for integration, and can also make customer specced bespoke products. 

This means that any company wanting to use our tech is able to ramp up very quickly using the expertise we have gained over the years. We have understood that ground-up development takes years, but the world needs more secure encryption now.

Work with us so we can help you modify you existing hardware to be quantum secure, and then let us help you integrate our tech directly into your next generation builds, by putting the chips directly into your designs.

Our Quantum optics module (QOM) design uses off the shelf, low cost, easily available, discrete components. (silver square at the top of the image on the left) We can scale up from low speeds (1950 NIST 256 instructions per second on USB) to hundreds of megabits per second of entropy depending on your requirements.

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