Hardware, Components and Quantum as a service.

Small Footprint

The QRNG server is just 14cm x 7cm x 3cm and our quantum optics module 1cm x 1cm

Low Cost

Our QOM delivers high throughput at a very competitive price point.

High Throughput

We’ve seen sustained throughput of over 15Mb/s from the basic QRNG server.


The heart of all of our tech is our Quantum Optics Module (QOM). This unique invention allows us to use the quantum properties of the light to generate quantum noise, giving us the entropy we need to generate the random numbers.

(Size 1cm x 1cm)

The QRNG Server

Our first hardware quantum random number product offers the ability to connect (over USB) into the back of a computer to generate quantum random numbers on demand.

Cicada Hardware Security Module V1


Our quantum seeded hardware security module has been made with performance and size in mind. The format is that of a USB stick. Quantum derived random numbers as well as secure key generation and storage.