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Our quantum random number generator uses light to create perfect entropy. Work with us to upgrade your existing products to be quantum secure.

Quantum Random
Number Generator

Hardware, Components and Quantum as a service.

Keep your secrets, secret.

Crypta Labs is an engineering team of scientists working to make the world more secure. Our focus is on our quantum random number generator, because the basis for all encryption starts with a random number. Encryption is what is under attack. Using photons as a source of entropy is where our focus has been for many years, and through many iterations, we have at last found a fast and reliable way to generate entropy. Our quantum optics module is small, fast, scalable and inexpensive. We have developed a rack mountable dual QRNG appliance, capable of producing around 4000 random numbers per second. Our other route to market is to work with existing hardware manufacturers to help them move from tradition encryption – pseudo or TRNG – into the world of quantum encryption (QRNG).

quantum random number generator
Crypta Labs
Quantum Hardware security module

We’ve noticed that there are many theorising about this tech. We’ve gone one step further and have actually built our own products. This has allowed us to deeply understand the challenges any hardware manufacturer has and to figure out exactly how to help them best use our patented inventions.

This means that any company wanting to use our tech is able to ramp up very quickly using the expertise we have gained over the years. We have understood that ground-up development takes years, but the world needs more secure encryption now.

Work with us so we can help you modify you existing hardware to be quantum secure, and then let us help you integrate our tech directly into your next generation builds, by putting the chips directly into your designs.

Our Quantum optics module (QOM) design uses off the shelf, low cost, easily available, discrete components. (silver square at the top of the image on the left) We can scale up from low speeds (100 NIST 256 instructions per second) to hundreds of megabits per second of entropy depending on your requirements.

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