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Our Goals

Having a device that generates and verifies the most random seed possible at very high speeds is what we are all about. True randomness is what will differentiate the normally encrypted data from that which has been secured using a quantum seed. We have spent years figuring this out. And now have a product that can achieve exactly this at a reasonable price and compact size. Don’t think that because your data is encrypted that it will always stay that way. Let us help you keep your secrets safer for longer.

Our goal is to develop technologies that are easy for companies to install at volume. Just being niche, expensive and available to the biggest few doesn’t solve enough problems. We need to be small, cost effective and ultimately more secure than the rest. The goal is to make everything just that bit more secure, so those that adopt our tech will not be the weakest link.

All about us

Since being established in 2014, the team at Crypta Labs have been dedicated to solve a problem. One of randomness. Led by founder Dr Jose Coello, a quantum physicist, one avenue after the next has been explored.

The initial breakthrough, one we have a patent for, was the idea of using a diffuser to scatter photons, that would then be captured using a camera to harness the entropy. Due to the complexity of integrating and miniaturising such a solution, then team continued their investigations into other sources of entropy. In 2021 a major breakthrough was made with the invention of the discrete QOM. A first of it’s kind solution for the QRNG world.