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Quantum as a Service

Quantum Random Numbers Service

We’ve recognised the need for many who are looking for an interim solution to the problem of getting quantum random numbers on demand. Deploying hardware takes time and can make for complex integrations.

We now offer a solution where one can, through secure API calls, get a quantum random number on demand. This is of particular interest for blockchain companies, where distributed solutions make quantum security impossible. Though we introduce a decentralised solution, it’s becoming clearer by the day that there will be elements of the WEB3 world where this happens.

Companies waiting to use Quantum as a Service as an interim measure, whilst figuring out hardware implementations can take advantage of our services too.

The solution we offer is straight forward and secure. We simply issue you with a secure key and an URL to make the calls, and then you can request a random number of a specific length. The response will be instant.